Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wakame Sushi to Open in July '09

Alas, Three Fish of Minneapolis-Calhoun is no longer. It's unfortunate because I've always heard really great things about Three Fish and after 7 years of business it has closed its doors and I didn't have the chance to try.

However, in July the presently vacancy Calhoun Commons spot will house Wakame Sushi. Is another Japanese-American/Asian Fusion restaurant really what this area needs? Let us make a list. In the Uptown and Eat Street area lives: Fuji Ya, Zen, Moto-I, Mt. Fuji, Tiger Sushi, Tum Rup, Roat Osha, Amazing Thailand, Chang Mai Thai, Kinhdo, Rainbow, Peninsula, Pho79, Sushi Tango, Saigon, Pho Tau Bay, Chang's, Quang's, AZIA, Seafood Palace, Red Dragon, King and I Thai, the list goes on. In the last year alone at least 5 of the restaurants mentioned above are new endeavors. That's not even including all the Asian places that have popped up in Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Don't get me wrong, I love Asian cuisine and I'm not saying that the restaurants listed above don't have their own individualistic charm and unique reasons for being a great place to dine. However, I'm getting worried by the fact that we're seeing a lot of the same and all jumping on the trend train at once. Maybe we could use some variety? I'd like to see more places like Cafe Ena or the Blue Nile.

I'm on a new quest to seek out some interesting dining in Minnesota and try to stay away from Asian fusion for a bit. Despite my harsh tone and attitude I will most likely give Wakame a try or I will read reviews that will discourage me from going. You can keep feeding us sushi Minneapolis, but we don't need a million places to choose from.


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