Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chatterbox Pub

Chatterbox Pub
4501 France Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410

And me without my camera...
An unexpected visit to the Chatterbox Pub with my sis and mum. It turned out to be an interesting experience, one that will most likely bring me back. When you walk in you're greeted by a large shelf full of games and decor that looks like your grandmother's house. In fact, I saw a few items on the wall that did actually appear in my grandma's house as well as the home of Mr. B's grandparents. Funny.

The menu is quite intimidating, but in a good way. There were lots of things I wanted to try. Chatterbox also serves microbrews, awesome! There are currently 5 different varieties at $3.75 a mug or $6 for a tall. The beer was really good and if I don't go back for the food I would go back for the beer.

In addition to the microbrew Chatterbox also serves up personal tvs to play videogames (you can rent a number of videogames at the pub and use their gaming systems...is that what the young people are calling it these days?) or to watch cartoons. And lastly, they serve all day, eveyday breakfast! YAYYYYYY! Wait...wait, there's more I forgot to mention. There is a large shelf full of games for those who like to juggle food and cards or other game pieces and if you can't make it to the location in Linden Hills there is also one located in Midtown (2229 E 35th Street) and Highland St. Paul (800 Cleveland Ave S).

So we went there for an early lunch. It was pretty quiet minus the kids playing card games and being really excited to be playing card games. One server welcomed us and both servers who seemed to be running the place were extremely nice and helpful. The menu was giant and was a lot to take in, but everything sounded really good.

We decided on these:
The Ultimate French Dip ($9.95) from their gourmet sandwhich section. Top sirloin, caramelized onions and swiss served on toasted ciabatta bread with French onion au jus and horseradish sour cream.

The Awesome Artichoke & Spinach gourmet sandwich ($8.95) also from the gourmet sandwich section. Turkey, spinach & artichoke dip, swiss cheese and tomatoes served on house made focaccia bread.

The Roasted Garlic Squash Wrap ($7.95) from the wraps section. This wrap is vegetarian (there are a few vegetarian options on the menu) and features roasted garlic squash, feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes and romaine lettuce wrapped in a garlic herb tortilla. This is not a date food people, you'll be smelling like garlic and cheese for days!! Just kidding.

We all chose the roasted red pepper mashed potatoes as our side, but you also have the choice of fries.

We were all very pleased with our meals. The only problem was everything was a little bit over salted. I loved the roasted red pepper mashed potatoes, they were really favorful, but again, really salty. I think the French dip was the best overall in favor and seasoning. The horseradish sour cream was also really good and paired well with the sirloin.

The saltiness was not enough to keep us from going back however. My mum returned for a second visit shortly after our first with my dad in tow. I think the ambiance and fun style of the restaurant and it's workers is something worth appreciating. I will be back with a camera for some all day breakfast and a microbrew.


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Soofaye said...

Holy feta Batman! But seriously, I liked this place.