Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grilled Salmon Steaks

Please don't mention the fact that the posting before this one was about saving our fish population. I've realized the irony and the horribleness of my ways, now let me be.

Summertime is a great time for fish (again, don't mention my previous post and if you have to make sure you yourself are doing research on what fish are from farms and what fish are caught in the wild) because it is cool and refreshing and healthier than most of the other meats we slap on the grill. I had my usual hankering for fish and decided to do some salmon steaks. I've cooked salmon fillets before, but this was my first salmon steak cooking experience (and I did good!).

There's not much of a recipe here, I did everything up really simple. Just thought I'd post some pictures to prove that I actually do cook...once in awhile. I plan on doing a lot more cooking in the future when my days aren't consumed by my horrible job and my nights aren't consumed by school to get me the degree to get out of my horrible job.

Anyways, here it is: The salad was just arugula (prewashed from a bag) dressed in a little garlic oil, olive oil, black pepper and salt. I just drizzled the oils on top and gave it a little toss with a fork while it was on the plate. On top I added grape tomatoes (cut in half if that matters), cucumber, avocado and mini fresh mozzarella.

The tuna steaks I had fresh cut by the butcher. They had bones and all so we had to be careful, but whole fish I think are super awesome. I simply salted and peppered each side, heated up a skillet (non-stick with a little oil, the salmon is pretty oily by itself) and let it sear for about 2-4 minutes on each side depending on how big the pieces are. It's important not to move fish around to much while you're cooking it. You want to keep the juices in just like any other meat. Flipped, 2-4 minutes about on the other side, made sure it was golden and crispy on the outside, covered and turned of the heat.

Ta-Da! Salmon with arugula salad. I also added some mashed potatoes (Got them from the deli at Lunds, don't tell!) just because I love mashed potatoes and a couple wedges of Italian bread.
Yum! and way less expensive than going out. Only about 10 bucks per person! Plus cooking is fun and we should all be doing a lot more of it.


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