Monday, May 18, 2009

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji
2819 Hennepin Ave

Went there for a quick lunch on Saturday. The first thing I noticed was the sign was really hard to read. No biggie unless you're driving down the street and miss it. It's right on Hennepin next to Old Chicago. Of course it's Uptown and parking is not always available, there is no parking in the rear.

You can't really tell from the outside, but inside is very nice and even a little classy. The bar is in one room and the sushi bar in the other. We must have got there right when they opened because we were the only ones there and a guy was mopping the floor. There are black leather booths and tables. decorative dishes (some I noticed from IKEA) hang from the walls. The floors are black stone looking tiles.

I found out later that they serve both traditional and French style sushi, as well as other dishes. I'm not sure what that meant so I looked it up. I didn't get a very clear answer except for the fact that French style means it's not purely Japanese. I guess Samurai in Des Moines is American, Japanese and French style sushi, so it seems to be a pretty normal thing here in the good ol' midwest. French style sushi is the Japanese art of sushi making with some French inspired ingredients and techniques...yeah, that sounds good.

Anyways, we just got a couple of pretty plain and simple things. I think we ended up with a california roll, a couple spicy tuna and a futo (my obsession). I had originally asked for the tuna and avacado roll and when the waiter asked me if I wanted the tuna spicy I figured it would be spicy tuna and avacado. Apparently there was a huge communication breakdown because I ended up with a spicy tuna.

Eveything was pretty good, plus there was lots on the menu with a wide range of prices. I wouldn't recommend the spicy tuna however because it's just tuna, no veg. Also, the tuna is ground up super fine, almost a pate or paste. I like to be able to feel the texture of the fish. That, and it wasn't that spicy. The futo maki was different, but good. My only complaint would be there wasn't any green in it. I like asparagus or spinach in my futo. Plus it makes the roll look more colorful and appealing.

Mt. Fuji has peaked my interest and I will be back.


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