Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Unexpected Surprise From Sushi Tango

I've said it, but I'll say it again...I love sushi! BAHHHH!!!!

So anyways, I've been to lots of sushi places and I've visited Sushi Tango several times. I guess it wouldn't be considered my favorite place for sushi in the Twin Cities, but it's decent and reasonably priced and I enjoy the Uptown area. Oh! Also, it looks like they're moving across the hall to a space with windows and a patio! Don't know when it's going in, but the plans are hanging on the wall in Calhoun Square and the awnings are already up. Side note: I was super confused as we were walking in because I saw the awnings. My first thought was "did they always have windows and a patio and I just never knew it?". Dur.

Back to the reason I logged on...the unexpected surprise! My sister, Mr. B and my friend Chong visited last week. We did a little of the usual; Sapporo, spicy tuna, edamame, etc., but then Chong ordered the oysters, which I had never tried or even thought of trying before. This is weird because I think oysters are the best!

These were particularly awesome because they reminded me of the live ones I had at Samurai in Des Moines. At Sushi Tango you get 5 in an order for about $10, which is reasonable, but they are super good because of the sauce they come in. We ordered them spicy. Delicious! I think the sauce is a mix of soy, maybe a little vinegar and/or sesame oil? Cilantro and Sriracha sauce. The oysters are on the half shell and the shell acts as a little bowl for all the juice and sauce. And although I shouldn't be surprised by a sushi restaurant serving good oysters I usually have tuna or other fish with fins on the brain.

Next time you're in the market for some good oysters check out Sushi Tango.

Thanks Chong!


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Chonger said...

Yay!! I got a shout out lol Lets hang out soon... Which means lets go eat and get drunk!