Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Bowl

Big Bowl
The Galleria
3669 Galleria
Edina, MN 55435

I wanted to talk a little about Big Bowl. There are some definitely positives and negatives from what I've experienced. I'm sad to say that my most recent visit was not the best and it seems to me there has been a downhill trend (at least at the Galleria location). I do however admire the restaurant's ambition to bring Chinese-American and Thai-American food to the Edina/suburban public of Minnesota.

Pomegranate ginger ale - really delicious and fun drink. Never had or found this anywhere else.
Atmosphere - nice dining area, open kitchen.
Bao - good steamed pork buns. Can't find bao at a lot of restaurants like Big Bowl.
Spice levels - they make their spicy dishes actually spicy if you want them that way.

Spring rolls - some of the worst spring rolls I have ever had. They were poorly constructed and the presentation was awful.
Service - I waited for about 15 minutes for my entree while the other 2 had already recieved theirs. When our waiter came back (he didn't deliver our food) he asked if I had got my soup...nope.
Noise - on a Monday afternoon you would expect this place to be a little more laid back. I think the acoustics in this place might just be bad.
Lemon Grass Soup - Mr. B had this. It was way too peppery, in fact the whole top was just covered in floating groud black pepper. I realize lemon grass soup is supposed to be peppery, but this was just too much.

Visit: Monday, March 30th 12:00 noon.

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