Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maru Sushi

Maru Sushi

Monday, March 9th @ 8:00pm

I don't know if I have much to say about Maru Sushi. I've been thinking for weeks now about what I could write, but keep coming up short. The fact is we went for the all you can eat sushi.

It's hard to find non-fresh fish in California, so Maru wasn't bad. However, when you factor in the all you can eat part you know that it's lots of cheap sushi, but not a lot of wow. We had rolls and nigiri mostly. There were some interesting specialty rolls on the list including one that Mike ate which featured baby lobster. All of the specialty rolls though were California roll fillings on the inside and then assorted things on top.

Chris and I tore through the nigiri like there was no tomorrow. There was eel, tuna, ebi and more. It basically came down to us seeing how many pieces we could eat. I'm ashamed to admit that Chris beat me by one.
And the winner: Chris with 25 pieces. I came in second with 24, then Mr. B and last Mike. I think the baby lobster roll did him in. The final word about this place - good if you want lots for little, but if you're looking for a little higher end (which you will easily find in SoCal) research your options.

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