Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hoban: Round 2
We were back again. For awhile I think it was at least a monthly ritual. When Mr. B still lived in Ames the first place we would usually go when we met up in Minneapolis was Hoban. This was our first visit of 2009 I think. Good for us!

Wait...I take that back, we were here with Chris before he moved to California...

Anyways, we were back yet again and I had camera in hand this time. I finally convinced myself to go with the Kimbap, so that was exciting. Sharon did the always delicious dolsot bibimbob and Mr. B went with (what I think is his favorite) kimche bokum. As usual the meal was awesome, we ordered too much, the staff was friendly and we were left happy and already thinking about our next visit.

Have you tried this place yet??? I'm about to eat them out of business, so GET ON IT!

DolsotKimche Bokum


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Soofaye said...

This looks so delicious, even after a huge bowl of chili, this looks delicious