Monday, April 13, 2009

Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast


Again, this is super simple (I'm all about the simple food). This was also on our Easter menu. The first Easter dinner I've ever cooked, so I was proud. Sorry, this one got eaten before we took a picture. Turned out juicy and really well seasoned, I was even impressed.

To perform this cooking task successfully:

For the roast part:
3 lb pork roast
10 red potatoes
1 medium yellow onion
1 package baby portobella mushrooms
2 tbsp of garlic (I use minced, but you can use cloves. If you use cloves up the anty to about 4 since you don't get all of that good excess garlic juice)
1 tbsp dried rosemary
olive oil
black pepper
coarse ground salt
chicken stock

Other things:
Roast pan
plastic wrap
tin foil
skillet (?)

Prepare the roast the night before to allow all the flavor to fuse with the meat.

First, cut the potatoes into quarters. Slice the onion, thicker pieces hold up better and won't make a mushy watery soup around your vegetables. Cut the mushrooms into halves. You can mix all of the vegetables together and/or just mix them together when you start adding them to the pan.

Add a layer of potatoes, onions and mushrooms to the bottom on the roast pan (use about half of the veggies to layer the bottom of the pan). Next dress your pork. Drizzle olive oil on the top (about 2 tablespoons). Sprinkle the top with the rosemary and garlic. Be liberal with the coarse salt and if you're like me and like pepper add lots of black pepper too. Now it's time to get dirty. Rub the olive oil and seasoning all over the pork. Make sure to give the meat a good massage. You want all the flavor to get in a deep as possible.

Stick the roast in the pan on top of the veg. Add the remaining veg on top and around the roast. Cover with plastic wrap and stick in the fridge.

When you are ready to cook add a little (1/4 cup) of chicken stock over the top. This should help the vegetables soften up, plus adds a little extra flavor.

To cook you have a couple options:
1.) You can stick the pan in the oven at 450 (preheated) for about 10 to crisp up the outside and keep the juices in. Then, after that 10 minutes is up reduce the oven temp to 250 and continue cooking for 50-80 minutes (until the internal temp reaches 150-160 degrees).
2.) Heat up a skillet with a little olive oil and pan sear the outside of the roast to lock in the juices. Then stick in the oven at 300 for 50-80 minutes or until the internal temp reaches 150-160 degrees.

Make sure you let the meat rest when you remove it from the oven. Take the roast out of the veg mixture and set on a cutting board. Cover roast with tin foil. Poke the potatoes to make sure they are done. You can stick them back in the oven if they need a little extra time.


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