Monday, December 22, 2008

Freezing, Being Poor, and Loving Food...

Winter has officially hit. For those of you out West and below (aka the South), believe me, I feel your pain. However, my pain sounds a little like 13 below, not 30 something...30 something is basically shorts weather in Minnesota. So, to all of you midwesterns out there - what the hell are we still doing here??? If I lived in Hawaii I would not miss seasons.

...On that note, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! It's a home cookin', green bean casserole kind of season. If you can't get out (and believe me, if you didn't make reservations in July, the only place you're getting out to is Denny's...and there will still be a 20 minute wait) the best plan is to take advantage of home cooking with the family whether it be extended or small. Stay in and make dishes that can cook all day and taste better the longer they stay in the pot. I'll be posting some good recipes to help you cope with winter SOON! (I may have temporarily forgot about you little blog so now I have to play catch up and get my act together).

In addition to this winter wonderland that prevents many of us from venturing out our economy is, how do you say, in le shitter. I won't go into the dynamics of it (you've heard more than you can bear I'm sure and I'm not one to give lectures). I know I'm lucky to have a job, but when 'salary freeze' and 'downsizing' is the phrase on every corporate lip, it's safe to assume this wannabe foodie will be blogging a lot about cup o' noodle. Let's just hope it's from the comfort of a warm cubicle and not on a napkin in a cardboard box down by the river.

So we've covered freezing and being poor...what about my undying love for food and my inability to not blog about it?!?! (careful of those double negatives...did I mention I almost went to college for engligh?).

When I started this blog I had high hopes and expectations, none of which have actually materialized at this point. I wanted to get out and all over this city, at least the food and drink part of it. But it seems that my dreams of becoming a known blogger and more official foodie will have to join the list of new years resolutions (that probably won't be kept anyhow). Also, since I'm fully aware that no one (except for Mr. B and my sister) probably reads this yet consider this post just a record of one blogger's self-reflection at a time where eating may be just a survival tactic.


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