Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Claudio, We Miss You

Cafe Beaudelaire
2504 Lincolnway
Ames, IA 50014 (Their site is under may be that way for awhile)

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A little side note: As an amateur foodie I work with what I'm dealt. And as soon as I'm paid to do this, hell, I'll travel everywhere and devote all of my time to this instead of just posting when there's lull time at work (a smaller, asian version of Anthony Bourdain?) Also, I've only had the opportunity to live and fully experience 2 places: Minneapolis and Ames and thus this is what I write about. I've traveled many places but didn't alway experience food like I wanted to and I definitely didn't document any of it, which is too bad.

On a better note, I think it will interest and suprise those of you who choose to read that Ames is more than just a college town in Iowa. I guess in addition to finding restaurant gems in Minneapolis, maybe the same can go for the Midwest...someday the US? The world?

Cafe Beaudelaire is located in the heart of campus town (sorry AmesBeat, don't sue me, I just needed a photo so I could reminisce with myself). Amidst a sea of sports bars, dives, dorms, and fast food, Cafe B is something unexpected. Owner Claudio is from Brazil, how he ended up in Ames, Iowa? You should ask him. He's there most of the time either cooking, having a beer, or socializing with the regulars. I'd like to think I'm one of the regulars...even though now I only get to go about once a month. I also have to mention the awesome and always well dressed J the bartender. I would visit this place for those two alone.

The place is small, but well kept...almost too classy/trendy for the college bar scene. In the morning and afternoon Cafe B serves up a variety of coffee drinks, fresh fruit smoothies, and breakfast. Mr. Bottenfield and I survived on this place last winter. Simple and to the point, Cafe B offers the regular hashbrowns, eggs, steak, pancakes, etc. All are above average. They also have more traditional dishes South American dishes including breakfast rice and sandwiches served with fried eggs, peas and corn on top. I highly recommend requesting a Beaudelaire burger with munster cheese, bacon, and a fried egg on top. It cannot be beat! I should mention that they put mayo on all of their burgers, so if you do not like, ask for none.

Cafe B does triple duty as a cafe, restaurant, and bar. During the evenings Cafe B turns into a great hang out, almost, not clubby. It's hard to explain. They do feature DJs, music, and a huge assortment of drinks. Also, if you have something in mind and know what goes into it they'll probably make it for you. Cafe B's calling card in Ames is their long island ice teas. Now, I'm more of a beer girl/woman/lady/person/thing, but the long islands are not bad and you definitely get your money's worth. With a good selection of beer and daily specials its a sure thing for a night out.

Prices are reasonable, staff is friendly, it is out of the ordinary for a college town in Iowa. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood stop in. I MISS YOU BEAUDELAIRE!


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