Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Juicy Lucy 'til the Cows Come Home (in nice neat little burger patties that is)

5-8 Club
5800 Cedar Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55417
(There are also locations in Champlin and Woodbury)

I've alway driven by the 5-8 club but never visited. Then a few weeks ago my sister went with a friend and told me they had bleu cheese filled hamburgers and I knew I had to go. My life depended on it...

According to the restaurant officials (aka, the online menu) the 5-8 club used to be a speakeasy back in the prohibitions days during the 1920s. Once prohibition was lifted the 5-8 continued to serve booze in it's legal form and added a food menu to the mix. It soon became widely known for its famous burgers and beer selection. Today, over 75 years later, the 5-8 is still around serving their famous burgers old-school style.

While it made have been a wide selection back in the days of prohibition, the 5-8 serves primarily domestics (not that there's anything wrong with that), a small array of wine (but who drinks wine with burgers anyways!?), and Mike's Hard Lemonade (if you enjoy a stomach ache in a bottle).

THIS IS A BURGER JOINT PEOPLE! If I see you in here trying to look adorable I will karate chop you in your neck. There's plenty of parking and lots of seating, but it's a popular place. The hightop tables can fit 4, but they are fairly small. If you go on the weekend during lunch you'll probably have to wait.

Onion Straws $5.25
Can someone say giant basket of fried onions? Good, lots, onion breath for weeks. Thin sliced onions, hand breaded and deep fried. Not your typical fried onion. You must share these or suffer the consequences of eating a large basket of onions all by your lonesome. If you don't like onions beware. You could probably skip the fries if you get these. I'm going with the Extreme Jojos next time.

Bacon Cheeseburger $4.25 (Mr. Bottenfield's choice)
plus Fries & Coleslaw $1.95 (Unless you add a "basket" to your burger you'll just get a burger with no side, other sides include Jojos & Coleslaw ($2.50) and Rings & Coleslaw ($2.75)).
Quarter pound, cooked medium well unless otherwise requested, served with pickles. Good, juicy burger. Mr. Bottenfield didn't rave, but there was nothing to complain about.

The Juicy Lucy $4.95 (Woot! Mine!)
This is what I was waiting for. A half pound burger stuffed with your choice of American, Bleu, Pepper, or Swiss cheese. I thought the burger was awesome and something I haven't seen anywhere else. I would definitely go back to the 5-8 for another stuffed burger. I didn't order any sides because the onion things kicked my ass and the burger finished the job.

Pitcher of Leine's Honey Weiss $10.25

# of People: 4
Reservations: NO SUCH THING
Day/Time of Visit: Sunday, November 2nd at Football o' clock (Noon-thirtyish).
Will I be back: Once I recover from my first visit.
YAYs!: Good food for you buck, friendly staff, bleu cheese stuffed into meat (um...great).
Nays: Large crowd, funky weird guy who stared at my sister.
Notes: I tasted onions for a week afterwards. I may skip those next time. Call 612-823-5858 for pick-up orders.


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