Friday, October 24, 2008

What Qualifications Do I Have?

Let me start off by stating that I've been eating all my life so in that respect I'm a seasoned vet when it comes to food. However, I realized that there is no real reason for anyone to read my blog, much less get anything useful from it. Unless...

There are a lot of food critics and rating/review sites out there. So how do you decide to what to believe? Sorry, I don't have a good answer for that. Maybe it's because I feel that official food critics aren't really like me and thus have no idea how I would feel about anything, especially when it comes to something serious like food. And maybe it's because I read 'reviews' written by 'regular people' that are riddled with spelling errors and contains such little information that it's no help or use to me personally. Reviews can't be driven by rage people! When you tell me some place sucks that doesn't help me much. Be more constructive with your feedback (<--if you got this reference we can be friends). Eating should be about enjoyment and experience, and having that sort of good attitude when you go out to eat is a good idea (this is a whole other blog). Anyways, I'm getting off the subject here... Okay, back to the reason you should read this blog- My unofficial qualifications include:

1. the ablility to eat (a lot!)
I love eating, I do it everyday. I can eat 5x my body weight. However, I do work a full-time job and I do have bills. I don't always have the time to go out and I don't always have the means. Sometimes I eat at an expensive restaurant, sometimes I cook an elaborate something or other, sometimes you'll see me at the drive thru. People have to eat! I like to try it all, and if your restaurant isn't spelled with an 'e' at the end, don't worry, I'll still try you.
Also, I care little to nothing about my weight (that was supposed to be a joke).

2. adventurosity
That's right, adventurosity. I gots it! Food does not scare me. I won't eat everything, but I'm pretty darn close. And at the very least I'll try it and pretend to like it...then come home and blog about the gross stuff you made me eat. We have this problem of food critics being on one side and us normies on the other. The fact of the matter is good food can be found anywhere and thus I must find it!

3. i can, will and love to cook!
People that have an excessively weird obsession with food, like me, do everything with it (ew, not like that). What I mean is they encompass it into as many parts of their life as possible because it brings them joy. For me, eating and cooking go hand in hand. Like I mentioned before my wallet doesn't alway allow me to sit back while others do the work for me. Cooking is the fun and cheaper alternative.
If you don't cook now, I encourage you to try it. I'll post lots more about this later, but BOTTOM LINE is: I cook a lot at home, I know a little about what goes into things, and my spice rack contains more than just pepper, table salt, and Lowery's seasoning salt.

I'm sure there are more fake qualifications I can add...I'll think of some more later.


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