Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Places to catch that last ray of sun

If you're like me you're thinking, "hey, summer is almost over, better get outside while I can!"

Yes, the best and worst part of Minnesota dining is patio seating. Best because it is beautful and despite popular belief we do get a few warm days here and there. Bad because, #1 it ends, #2 when it actually does gets warm patio seating is hard to get without a reservation. So, with summer coming to a close and the MN State Fair here to distract a few people, get outside and eat! Here are a couple of suggestions where patios are plentiful.

1. Cafe Maude located on 5411 Penn Avenue South in Minneapolis. Chic, hip, French.

2. Grand Cafe located on 3804 Grand Avenue South in my old Kingfield hood. Neighborhood gem, a bit pricey, but quiet and maybe even a little romantic?

3. Sea Salt Eatery on the Minnehaha Parkway (4825 Minnehaha Ave). Seafood and scenery. I love this place!

4. Town Talk Diner is funky and fresh on Lake Street (2707 1/2 E. Lake Street) in Minneapolis. Fun and energetic, they put a unique spin on diner food. A little spendy, but I would say worth it.

5. Ba-gu Sushi on 4741 Chicago Avenue located across the street from another favorite, Turtle Bread! Ba-gu placed in my top 3 sushi places when considering price, quality, ambiance, and HH specials. Cute patio out back.

6. Kings Wine Bar is new to the neighborhood. Give it a try. Sidewalk and patio dining. A little loud, but not too bad. If you don't fancy wine bars, try Cafe Ena across the street. Both are located at in 45th & Grand the Kingfield neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

7. Brit's Pub located on Nicollet Mall in Downtown Minneapolis. Rooftop lawn bowling, outdoor bar and large patio. Fun and different.

There is lots more, just keep your eyes open. This first weekend of September should be a glorious 80 degrees, so get out there and soak up the sun while you still can. See you on the patio.


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