Monday, February 16, 2009

Rudolph's Ain't no Battle's

1933 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403

When I found out their slogan was "best rack in town" I knew I had to go...Uh...just kidding, I like ribs. Cleverness is okay I guess, with the rack joke and whatnot. I did the big mistake of getting a sandwich instead of the ribs, but that's another story.

A little known fact about me - I used to work at a bbq restaurant (and I'm not talking the McRib specials at McDonald's...although I did work at McDonald's). Anyways, I know a thing or two about bbq and ribs. I was taught by the famous George Battle himself. He grew up in Texas where bbq is no laughing matter. But all that aside, I know my way around a brisket. If you're from Iowa you know what I'm talking about.

If you're looks for a laid back hang to drink some 2 for 1s during happy hour and maybe nosh on some cheap apps, then Rudolphs is an aok choice. All else considered I was not overly impressed.

Bison Burger $9
Over all this guy wasn't bad. For those of you who don't know - Bison is actually quite good for you...I guess good in the sense that it doesn't clog those arteries as much as beef does because it is leaner. Still has a good hearty taste like a burger should. Lean, but not dry topped with jack and cheddar cheese and bacon. I take back the clogged artery comment. Served with french fries. I'll tell you later about how I'm not so enchanted with french fries anymore...

And what's the difference between Bison and Buffalo?

Pulled Pork $8
Shredded pork shoulder tossed in Rudolphs bbq sauce, topped with coleslaw and served on a sesame seed bun. Dave opted for no coleslaw, although I think it would make the sandwich better and at least more interesting.

Rudy Burger $9
Burger served on texas toast with american and monterey jack cheese and finished with mushrooms, sauteed onions and bacon. Served with fries. I don't recommend this if you're not in an extra greasy mood. The toast was a little on the cold and tough side which made it hard to eat. The oil that was created between all the cheese and bacon was just too much. And then the mushroom and onion mix on top just sort of slid around and didn't bring much to the sandwich. In theory I would love this - cheese, bacon, mushrooms and texas toast...unfortunately wasn't a fan, but hey, maybe some other time Rudy.

Popeye $8 (regular price)
Spinach and artichokes in a creamy parmesan dip topped with crusted parmesan cheese and served with warm pita bread. During happy hour I think this guy ran about $4, but don't quote me on that. Nothing to write home about...I mean com'on, how many times have we seen spinach artichoke dip on an appetizer menu...zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Bar-b-que Brisket $10
Chopped brisket mixed with sauce and served on a hoagie. Personally I like good slices of brisket vs. chopping it. Also, from what I learned at BBQ U was the fattier top cut of the brisket is usually the part you chop up. It's less pretty than sister bottom cut, contains a lot more fat and doesn't look too good on a plate unless you chop it, mix it with some sauce and put it on a sammy. Not that there's anything wrong with top cut, but you really can't beat smokey, well cooked bottom cut brisket.

There were some HH rib tips somewhere in there as well. Those were actually a good deal in price. The rib tips themself were also pretty decent.


# of People: 6

Reservations: In the afternoon you are probably safe without.

Day/Time of Visit: Sometime in February, one of those warm days. Around noonish. I should probably start writing more stuff down. This is a poor excuse for a report. Apologies.

Will I be back: Uh...maybe. 2 for 1 happy hour aok. The sandwich however was not a hit. I will stick to beer.

YAYs!: Quiet, interest decor, friendly service, decent HH specials, extra parking across the street.

Nays: Again, not a fan of the sandwich I had. Just a lot of greasy fried food. The rib tips were okay and a good deal on the happy hour menu, but nothing else really stood out as amazing or interesting.

Notes: See parking lot across the street for additional space.


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